How to make your house look fancier

You can shower your house with a sense of opulence without breaking the bank; you can copy what professional decorators do. You do not have to break the bank to make your home look blingy; there are low-budget ideas you can employ. Here are some of them.

Install mirrors and a statement rug

Mirrors give the place where they have installed a lavish sense of opulence. They make a room look light, glamorous, and upmarket. Every room in your house should have one. They vary in cost, but you can get some plain-edged types for a reasonable price. You can also get antiqued mirrors and stack them by each side of the bed to add to the luxurious feel of your bedroom. Additionally, go for a statement rug. Statement rugs are not that expensive, and you can always go for the one which fits your budget perfectly. They give a home décor and luxurious feel which can otherwise be lacking. For instance, you can get something that complements modern murals in your home. Also, if you place it on your sofa with an artfully set coffee table, your living room will instantly come alive. If you are looking to make your house look fancier and you need to buy some home accessories, you can check for LadyYard reviews as well as reviews of other companies that sell home accessories to know which companies to buy from.

Be bold with colors

If you want your home to stand out, you have to be bold with colors. The price of good paint is cheap, compared to the difference it will make in your room. When you use color boldly, things get to go upmarket. You do not have to give in to the modern tendency to go for different variations of white all through, just ensure the shade of color you go for touches up chips and smudges in a pristine manner. Also, experiment with dark wood. You do not have to follow the modern trend of white and grey colors in the bathroom. Dark wood has a surprisingly luxurious look, and it does not cost much. You can complement the dark wood with a modern vanity unit that adds a deeper tone to the bathroom and lifts the atmosphere of the space.

Invest in velvet and a padded headboard

Velvet is a luxurious material that adds an expensive sheen to the house. Even if your sofa is a second-hand furniture piece or has been passed down from your parents, it will still be beautiful if it was in velvet. Go for jewel-bright colors such as green, pink, blue, etc., as they add more glamour to your room. If you cannot afford a velvet sofa, try a single armchair or a pouf. You can also use some timeless velvet touches as a cushion cover or some slimmer throw. A padded headboard instantly signifies luxury, that is why you see it in the classic hotel. However, because it signifies luxury does not mean it costs the earth. You can make it by yourself; just get a cut-to-size foam, plywood, staple gun, screws, any fabric of your choice, etc. You can watch the how-to video on Youtube.

Use a formal color palette and arrange flowers

Use colors that are formal as well as fashionable. For instance, rich red might not be as fashionable as you want, but the bold wine-and-cream color is an old-school combination that will give your home a designer feel. You can include some conversation-piece ornaments to give the formal atmosphere a traditional and homely feel. Another trick to make your home look fancy is to set a good flower arrangement. You would notice that most hotels and restaurants use this technique to give the atmosphere a luxurious feel. A simple bunch of fragrant flowers will instantly provide that touch of luxury and lift the atmosphere. You can use the flowers you cut from the garden or buy at your grocery shop so that you will save yourself some stress. Make sure you choose flowers with catches of plant food so that they will last longer.

Get good lights and floor-length curtains

Lights are vital parts of any sensible inter décor, and for the touch of opulence you want, you need to get wow lights. There are plenty of affordable wow lights you can get in shops especially if you shop in the sales. You do not have to get many lights, the effect a statement shade or pendant has on a room can be huge. Do not be afraid to choose something large, glittery, or decorative for a designer feel. Besides, floor-length luxurious drapes are another signifiers of luxury. The fabric you use need not be expensive; cheap fabric will look so much better when you use lining with it. Buy as much fabric as required, skimping on the amount of fabric you use will make a bad job of your floor-length curtains. Also, use floor-length voile for panache and privacy.

Get an oil diffuser and incense burner

A humidifying oil diffuser can make all the difference, it gives your home a soft glow as well fill it with the pleasant fragrance of essential oils. It has some light settings and an automatic-off switch, so you can set it as you like. Also, an incense burner will change the smoke from the incense to look like a fountain or beautiful waterfall. It gives a fancy and calming feeling to your home. All you have to do is get a high-quality diffuser and incense burner and enjoy your newly-gotten possessions.

Use reflective surfaces and luxury wallpaper

Reflective surfaces are subtle equipment that do not require much money to own. Choose some shiny elements like glass, silvery fabric, etc. to add an expensive edge to your home. For instance, stuff like curtains, silvery artwork, mirrors, etc is reflective surfaces you can get. Also, install a luxury wallpaper on your walls. Silk, textured wallpaper creates an opulent, intimate feel in your home. There are affordable silk textured versions that you can get if you hunt around, with an enviable effect that far outweighs the cost. If you cannot paper all of your walls, you can create a one statement wall.